Bye Bye Checklists

This Tuesday as I slow down and drink tea I also hope to slow down on my checklists. That’s right, my checklists. Usually people want to do more checklists and get better organized; I want to STOP being SO checklist minded. I’ve gotten in the habit of writing every little, eency weency (I don’t know how to even start the spelling of those little words) thing down on my checklists. I’m obsessed. 
I want to slow down, and do as ‘they’ say, to stop and smell the roses. The areas I would like to smell the roses in this week would be to... finish my book…not just to see what happens in the end, but to continue to expand my mind and enjoy the story. Send a few letters to remind people of the great love I have for them, not to just get in the mail and send off- but to be intentional on writing down my gratitude for their friendship. Release my endorphins in a good work out class, not just to put in my hour, but actually enjoy the songs (ZUMBA’s the best for those of you that haven’t tried it). And lastly, join a Bible Study…Stop the checklists, and start the enjoying!

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